Our mission is to provide the condition for circulation of good, wellbeing and success.

Our first research project on "Caring Corporate Culture" seeks for the ways of building an environment where people can learn, prosper and create value. 



We are energetic executives passionate about values, customer excellence, employee engagement, innovation, life-long learning and adding value to the society. 
We believe that we all have unique strengths, which can bring us far, if consciously practiced and supported by the organizations and people around us. We have been lucky to have such employers, colleagues, customers, partners and friends in our professional life and want to spread the good around.

Sari Kola-Nyström

Sari has multiple personalities from weight-lifting to coach of crossfit to strategist and innovator as well as researcher for continuous learning. 

Ulla Koivukoski 

Ulla is passionate about values, discovery of opportunities to take risks and learn and add value to the society.